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Nissan micra 1.2 automatic 2003, getting code P0011 "intake

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Nissan micra 1.2 automatic 2003, getting code P0011 "intake valve timing control solenoid valve" I can see where it is on the back of the cam cover, so i've removed the air box and associated wires/pipes but, I cant remove the solenoid, is there a trick to removing it? I want to flush it thru with brake cleaner in case it has become stuck.
Rgds, Phil


Hopefully i can help..

Normally these should just pull out from the cam cover - there is single bolt holding it place that you may have need to remove that and then wiggle it out..if it doesnt go then get a pair of grips and gently wiggle it pre measure mark the body of the solenoid to the cam cover so you fit it back exactly position is came out.If you use brake cleaner ensure the valve is clear of all traces before refit.I do hope this helps

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