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My mother in law has gone into a home and I now have to dispose

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My mother in law has gone into a home and I now have to dispose of her Micra . New in 1989 it has been in garage for about 25 years, so low mileage and good condition. It seems a pity to let it go for scrap. Can you tell me if it would be of interest for spares or for an enthusiast to restore? If this is not your area of expertise, I would be grateful if you could direct me to the right place.
Many thanks, *****


Does it run or when was the last time it actually ran or has it been stood in a garage for 25years?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your quick response. Nobody in the family can remember exactly when the car was last driven but the concensus is about 22 years. I've not tried to start it. Mileage is 018767.

Colour is white. Pretty good condition inside and out.

Hope that helps.

Gerald Prior


Well 20 something years of non movement can be a bit of may not look it outside generally - but there are alot things that can deteriote over the years especially over that length of time - to start off with.........

The tyres will be useless to anyone because over time sitting in one position the tyres will have flat spots by sitting on one position or even so if the tyres are flat..they cannot be used again.....The clutch if a manual will also be stuck - The brake system wouldnt be any good either especially if the calipers have siezed in they would be unlikely to be used again unless they are stripped down and rebuild / the brake fluid will also be well as the discs if they heavy corroded...but being inside most of its life they may not be so bad unlike if it was sitting outside.... Suspension/steering components especially the rubber bushings may also be badly detrioted as th rubber hardens over again parts of the suspension might be unuseable.....The engine itself - i would try to turn it over as it stands without having it serviced regards ***** ***** oil / fluids coolant / and the plugs removed and oil/penerating oil sent into the cylinders and left overnight to help free the engine up...then turn it over by hand to ensure it turns freely.and then perform compression test etc.there will have to be checks made to a lot of rubber components on the engine/pulleys etc. The battery will have to be disposed off as the charge and age of the battery is way beyond considering trying to charge back up - the next thing to be cautionary about is the fuel/petrol still in the tank..this is something that has to be dealt with and cannot i repeat cannot be used to try and start the car..that fuel will be stale and produce a intoxicating dont open the filler cap unless the cars outside..the entire fuel system will have to be drained/fuel tank flushed out/the fuel lines / filter replaced and the injection/carb cleaned out...that would all have to be done in the open air due to the stale fuel smell which can extremely bad....... Over all the only parts id say are saveable are body panels/ lighting / interior panels,dashboard /seats / switches / glass / locks etc..some engine parts maybe ....

There are few forum this one here where owners of K10 micras might be looking around for parts long as you state how long the cars been sitting aswell as upload photos so they know what they are seeing..and might draw in a few interests especially if someone is local to you looking for parts or a donor vehicle or willing to get it runing again..well worth trying... apart from that maybe try local gumtree - if you know anyone in your family with facebook..then ask them to see if there are any local K10 micra owners communities on there looking for parts/older micras... I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I must rate your service as excellent. Quick, detailed and straightforward. I can scrap the car confident that it the best I can do for mother in law.

Gerald Prior

Hi.. Gerald.. thats no problem..glad to help.... yeah it would be rather expensive wise to actually get that upto mot standard to be honest,but it could still yield some parts so maybe the micra forum would be worth trying before sending it off to the crusher so to speak..

But if you could rate my answer above that would be most appreciated - and should you need to ask anything car issues wise in future or advise .. then just ask anytime..regards Robert