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I have been told that my X trail needs a replacement gear box

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I have been told that my X trail needs a replacement gear box or transfer box to get rid of a whine. I drove the car today got to 60 mph and went into neutral. The revs to tickover but the whine continued. Is it possible to have the gears disengaged and yet get the whine? Is it perhaps a whjeel bearing causing the problem?


A wheel bearing would be more a grinding/low pitched moaning sound that match speed as get louder or less louder depending which direction the steering goes when moving or even under braking.of course dependant on the wear you would normally have some play/movement on the hub or if each wheel is spun by hand off the ground to listen and feel for any unsual girinding coming from is possible to still get any sort of whine from a gear box if the vehicles in neutral and still in forward motion since the gear box is still moving internally due to the road wheels but not taking drive from the could well be a bearing within the gearbox/transfer the differnatial part of the pretty hard to say for sure over the net to be really needs someone who can have good listen to see if the pitch changes within certain gears or clutch operation etc..what about the oil within the those has that been checked..sometimes that can gove a clue as to wear internally if the oil from those boxes has swarf..might be worth checking out.....i do hope this helps

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