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,we just got our daughter a nissian micra k12 2003, we've

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Hello,we just got our daughter a nissian micra k12 2003, we've a lot of money fixing it as it need a engine change and timing belt. Bought new battery today but battery warning light keeps flashing please can you help, as she been waiting for 3 months on it being repaired now this and it's her first car. Please help ; monica


Ok.. if the battery light is flashing/flickering - then that an obvious issue as per the charging system..ideally checks as you have done with the battery terminals is fine and if properly tight then that shouldnt be an issue..the next check id say is follow the negative lead to the where it bolted to the frame and esnure it tight too.. then check the connections at the alternator and ensure those too are secure and tight..then check the main earth strap from the engine/gearbox to frame and ensure that too is secure..the next check with the engine the belt the alternator is driven off and see if it loose..if it is then that needs addressed and retightened..unless the belt itself is suspect/cracked....the next check is to see what the alternator is pumping out voltage wise..normally you should get at least 14v into the battery aswell from the output on the back of the alternator..if nether and way below 12v then the alternator may well be faulty and needs replaced.....considering you have had the engine changed for some odd reason and a timing belt? which i they dont have on a 1litre engine in the k12 micra but instead they run a timing chain..never been a timing belt on those...then alot of connections on that engine need to be checked out incase some are loose/not connected properly..I do hope this helps....if you require to ask anything further then just continue before you rate

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Yip Meant to say timing chain instead of belt. Checked all was secure
Was suggested to us it might be the brain


You mean the ECU? to suggest that without backing up proper diagnoses then your looking at more expense for a problem that could be as simple as loose belt/or the belt not tensioned correctly..the alternator,voltage regulator being suspect....the best advice id suggest looking into a properly qualified auto electrician who can test the charging circuit for sure aswell as check for a parasitic draw on the battery system as you mention the reason for replacing the old due to it being flat..that problem could well lie there. ,you want to be 100% before having that all checked before even condeming the ecu..its not too common to see the ecu fault cause this even though the ecu does monitor charge/voltage - thats why i suggest as checks mentioned above need to be fully inspected...

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