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I have a Pathfinder. Do my wing mirror indicators fall under

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I have a Pathfinder. Do my wing mirror indicators fall under UK MOT. One is dim but to replace I apparently have to buy whole new mirror !!


Wing mirror indicators have replaced the side repeaters that are normally found on both front wings and are part of the test and both must be working/clear to pass the MOT...i note you do say its dim..could well be a problem with the lense itself not uncommon or water has got can actually buy the just the lense/light assembly itself without the whole wing mirror..check on ebay under Nissan Navara/Pathfinder Genuine Mirror Indicator lense and confirm its the same as yours .. but you can run the risk of damaging the mirror itself unless your lucky as you need to remove the mirror glass to get at the torx screws to get the lense out....I do hope this helps

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