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Jake, Nissan Technician
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Jake, I have a Nissan X Trail year 2009 Model T31X08. The

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I have a Nissan X Trail year 2009 Model T31X08.
The front wipers have (again!!!!)developed a mind of their own. Fast, slow, start, stop, no apparent control.
This issue has occurred two times over the past ?5years and each time Nissan have replaced the wiper motor which appears to solve the problem for a time. I am reluctant to again go to Nissan as this time the vehicle will be out of warranty and would prefer to make sure of the solution before having to buy a wiper motor.
Thanks John Christie

hey there, so they are operating at different speeds also? or the same speed each time?

i have seen the wiper washer motors short out and cause them to come on randomly for a few swipes similar to when you use the wash function, but that would not be the case if they are coming on at random speeds as well.

let me know please.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

On switching on the wipers, they come on at the selected speed but randomly stop sometimes halfway across the windscreen. There is then a variable time delay before they start up again. Turning the wipers on and off does not reactivate them - they eventually (after 20 secs or so) start up again by themselves. Occasionally they come on for one or two swipes without being switched on.

Well that does sound like the wiper motor, but why it's failed twice already seems a bit odd.
You may want to inspect the cowl drains and the motor connector and wiring for any issues with corrosion from water intrusion. We rarely see these wiper motors fail at all and twice is pretty rare.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK Thanks.

I have taken it to an auto electrician who had no idea other than to suggest to replace the unit.

The car is going in to Nissan next week so it looks like another motor!!


Looks like you were one step ahead of me then! If all the wiring checked out then its safe to say its just the motor assembly, especially If the auto electrician verified the motor had power when it wasn't running also. This tells us the circuit is commanding the motor to operate but its just functioning poorly.
Jake and other Nissan Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Jake ,

Just to complete the story. Mechanics could find no fault with wiper motor etc and computer said all was working well. But when I got the vehicle home the engine themo. fan was working and would not turn off, still going after several hours! Anyway to cut a long story short (multiple visits to the workshop and a flat battery) it looks like there is an intermittent positive short somewhere in the wiring. How else can electrical machines work when switched off? Anyway vehicle now back at workshop.

Thanks for your help

Regards ***** ***** antipodes

Thank you for the update!