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My Note is 6 years old nd has developed an intermittent AC

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My Note is 6 years old nd has developed an intermittent AC problem. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Fo example Wednesday I did a*****and it worked perfectly, today I went 5 mins to the local shops and it came on when I started the car then went off as I pulled away. At times it will go off and then come back on it's own. I have tried turning AC off and using manual fan, but doesn't work As I live in Spain this is quite important at the moment.
Hey there, thanks for the question.
This behavior is constant with a low freon level in the system. The best route here would be to have a shop evacuate the system hen put a vacuum on it to make sure it' holds and is not leaking. Once it holds just refill it to specification. Then it should run like new again.
If that's not an option you could add a small can of refrigerant to the low side when the compressor is running. This may fix it temporarily.
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