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Qashqai with k9k diesel eng. "oil lo" readout on start up

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I see you mention you checked the oil level before start up and if so where roughly does it sit?

Customer reply replied 2 years ago.

had oil & filter change by mechanic, showing full


Ok..there is or should be an oil level sensor on the side of sump likely that it is indeed faulty - you'll note a 2-3pin multiplug going to may want to double check the connection itself is secure and clean or corrosion/dirt...the sensor itself is held to the pan via a single replace would require draining the oil back out to remove and refit the sensor..and then once fitted refill back up to the desired level and then that should sort it by the sounds of it id say the sensor is most likely playing can probably confirm via diagnostic/live data to see what the sensors doing or the values..but id say the sensor would be the cause of the issue there and wont effect the engine in it only reads the level currently in the sump pan as it is on cold and at each start up..i do hope this helps
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.

having driven a few miles. it is now showing "oil good"..........

must have been the connection, many thanks anyway

Hi.. unless the sensor giving out erroneous readings if it continues to give out the "oil lo" warning..thats why its vital with the car on level road surface to ensure the oil is at the correct when cold when the majority of the oil drains back into the sump than appossed to when hot and the oils been circulated around the to keep an eye on it.. also please dont forget to rate my responce above most appreciated