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My nissan primera air bag light keeps comming on

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my nissan primera air bag light keeps comming on

Mostly with intermittent faults it usually down to loose contact/plug on that system,due to vibrations within the vehicle then its probably why it does this..the most common areas are the underseat connectors for the airbag/srs as these always and can come loose giving a bad contact and thus the airbag module picks up on that and puts the warning light on...normally the airbag wiring is yellow in it would be worth to ensure those are fully home - the connectors i mean to ensure they are properly connected together..the next phase has to be done diagnostically with the airbag light on - so as to.interogating the airbag module to retrive the fault codes or historic codes to trace the area down more accuretely that way you'll have a better idea what part of the system is at fault..I do hope this helps
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

bad connection is what I thought thanks

If your going to be checking those connectors under the seat ensure the battery is disconnected before checking..and then once thats done then reattach the battery..and see if that helps..if not then due to the nature of the system you have to go down the diagnostic route on these to trace it down to the exact point on the systems that at fault... I do hope this helps further........