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I replaced the wiper. linkage on my wife's Micra ( it has a

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I replaced the wiper. linkage on my wife's Micra ( it has a 53 number plate ) I thought I had to remove the metal arm attached to the motor , I found out that was unnecessary so refitted it. However now everything in is back in place the wipers park vertically! Can you help me re-set them to horizontal parking please? Keith


If you havent already done so - Remove the arm attachment to the motor - operate the wipers from inside the car until the wiper motor auto stops/self parks - then reattach the arm attachment/linkage assembly to the motor - operate the wipers again until it self parks/autostops - Then fit the arms/wipers in place on the windscreen in "their" park position on the windscreen - semi tighten the nuts down holding the arms to the linkage and re test again - and ensure they dont hit the corner edge of the windscreen or lower edge of the windscreen..if so - then undo the nut holding the arm and adjust as nessesary - retighten nut/arm again and retest until the wipers are set and park properly..until then you can fully tighten the nuts holding the arms and replace everything back that was removed..normally when wipers are worked on you should always ensure the wipers are set in their park/auto stop position and memorise the position the linkage is in.. I do hope this helps...

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply. A few points to clarify please.

1)The metal arm is at the back of the motor and unreachable when trying to remove the arm. So do I have to remove the whole linkage again with both wiper spindles in order to remove the arm from the back of the motor?

2) When re-fitting the wiper blades to test how far from the bottom of the screen is a good, safe place to position the wipers to start with?



1 - If you removed the linkage from the motor itself.. which you dont have to if your replacing the arms on the linkage - then you only need to be sure that the motor is set to park/auto stop - before re-attaching the linkage to the motor or vice versa - you want the motor in park - then reassemble the linkage to the motor - retest it again - then refit to the car if not already - then operate the wipers again..ensure both motor/linkage is set to park

2. then fit you arms on the windscreen - "sometimes" the wipers can leave a mark or line on the windscreen where they always park,so maybe look for that..that would be good guide as to where they should be at park - but as long as they are horizontal straght across the windscreen at the bottom..then that should help - but you may have to make small adjustments as you if too close to lower edge of the screen,wait till it at park . undo the nut and move the wiper arm or arms up slight.then retighten the nut and retest - if to close to the side edge of the windscreen - then the same once its at park again - undo the nut and move the arm down slighty - tighten the nut and re-test until its right where you want it..then once satisfied when retested again - then make sure the nuts holding the arms are finally re-tightend up..and that pretty much it.......

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for that I will try what you said tomorrow. If I hit a problem can I send another message?

Yes you can continue..even after you've rated you can still come to this same question