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My 05 Navara has developed a starting fault. All ignition

Customer Question

My 05 Navara has developed a starting fault. All ignition lights come on but when I turn the key to start the engine there is no response. All leads have been checked correct. The problem is intermittent. When my Navara went in for the starting motor to be replaced the mechanic found the engine started no problem. Is it likely that the starting motor is jamming or could it be a problem with the NATS electrics. When it wouldn't start with the key I managed to bump start it. Is this possible if the NATS system is faulty. Obviously I dont want to have the starting motor replaced if that is not the cause of it failing to start. Hope you can advise. Jim Mason

Further to the above, I have just collected my Nissan Navara from the garage. The engine continues to start first time using the key. However, I cn no longer lock the car by pressing the panel on the key fob. I have tried both of my ignition keys and neither will set the locking system. I am able to lock the car by inserting the key in the lock.It has been difficult to set the remote locking system for several days and as I say there is now no response. I assume that this is somehow connected to the starting problem I had. I think this points towards a fault with the NATS system and not the starting motor. Please let me know what you think. If it is a problem with the NATS electrics what is it likely to be and how expensive is this going to be to rectify?

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Nissan