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Nissan note 1.6l hhas clicking noise in front right wheel if

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Nissan note 1.6l hhas clicking noise in front right wheel if in the wrong gear also screeching noise ssometimes what is wrong and how much to repair?

Firstly you'll to be certain of exactly where the mentioned noise is coming from as per your description with the clicking noise which to me sounds pretty much like either a wheel bearing or the cv joint on the driveshaft..especially so if you can hear this on full lock in either may want to get that checked out before purchasing any parts etc..driveshafts for that side usually come in at the £169.00 so you could be looking at £200-£250 mark -if it a wheel bearing in the region of £42 so in total id say in the region of £150 to complete that as it has to be pressed out and new one pressed in.but prices may vary based on garage labor cost and sources they get the parts from.The screeching noise in the wrong gear..again difficult to say could be the clutch itself/engine laboring.but you should always try to ensure the correct gear is selected to prevent..but as for the clicking noise those above re usually the 2 culprits for that going by your its best to confirm by in a way of getting those checked for wear/excess play and take it from there..I do hope this helps
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