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I have a 2004 micra automatic. It cuts out randomly. So

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Hi, I have a 2004 micra automatic. It cuts out randomly. So I had new plugs, coils a full service. The car was fine for a week or two, then back to cutting out. Nothing showing on the diagnostics
Hi..apologies for the delay..
You say cuts out...when does this seem to occur exactly when the cars in use? ie- when coming to stop? when warm or cold? etc
Does it start straight back up when it does cut out?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sadly no. It`s been towed home and at first I thought it was damp so WD40 was used. After a couple of hours it did start. Next time it broke down, it was about 30 minutes then it started up again. As I said, it`s been to the garage and been on the diagnostic machine, but nothing showing. Any suggestions would be appreciated
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
To answer your question properly, it just seems to lose power then stops.
I think the first thing that should be checked ideally when the fault occurs is does it still get spark or fuel?Firstly you need to check you still have can gat a spark tester and test each coil pack starting at number 1 pull from the sparkplug and then a fit a spark tester in place into the end of the coil and earth the tester turn the car over and have someone see if it still has need to be carefull with that due to shocks from the igntion system so a spark tester would be the best way forward..If you do have spark..then you need to check that the engines getting fuel..normally on the injection rail there is pressure port you'll need a fuel pressure guage to see if there is enough fuel pressure or fuel even getting to the engine or listen for the pump active when ignition is tured - one way to quickly check is to spray carb cleaner/easy start up into the intake tube.. if the engine fires on that then that sure sign your not getting fuel upto the engine and would either be a combination of either fuel pump/injectors are not firing.. - these are renowed for faulty cam/crank sensors that can suddenly overheat an open circuit and thus you loose injection/spark until it cools down of course and the engines restarts.sometimes they do actually throw up codes and sometimes not depending on the these sensors tell the ecu what position the engines in to trigger the injectors or coils..normally to get to see if one of those sensors are dropping out is to actually catch it when it ocurrs via diagnostics livedata readings and see if that throws up anything..To me and the factors that it has passed mot would rule out any overfuelling issues/fuel ratio imbalances..going by previous issues ive come across on these with similar issues..then id say its either aprat from a bad ECT engine temp sensor - its probable either your cam/crank sensor failing intermittent..
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you so much. I`d run out of ideas and your advice makes perfect sense
Best to start off with the easy checks first..obviously of course to get a better idea which in know wont be easy considering its intermittent is to run the car on the machine/diagnostic livedata and then see if the faults produced or caught that way..the problem with intermitent faults as they have to happen to be able to makes checks or inspections as such...but least once the obvious is checked then you can progress further..But no problem glad to help..