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Battery draining within one day although fully charged. .

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Battery draining within one day although fully charged.
Hello. I wonder if someone can assist. We have a Nissan Micra 2005. The battery keeps draining within about 8-10 hours. There is a flashing 'engine' light on the dashboard, even when the ignition is off and the key is nowhere near the car.
The car is fully charged with a charger each evening. An auto-electrician has checked the car and the alternator is charging correctly and two new (highest power possible for that type of car) batteries have been installed - thinking that the first new battery may have been faulty - although the battery retailer said it was fine.
We have a 'boost starter' that you connect to the engine, and the car starts first time. From an overnight charge, it will start first time. But then if you leave it for 8-10 hours it is flat again, no-matter how long the journey is.
Although the auto-electrician could not find any fault, something is draining the battery. I have read on the web that other Micra owners of 2003-2005 models that either the radio or the immobiliser may be causing the problem.
Do you have any views? Do you know of a really good auto-electrician that specialises in this model of Micra in the Greater Manchester (Bolton) area?
Thanks for your help.
Hey there, your auto electrician needs to perform a draw test on the electrical system. This will let you know if there is a parasitic draw and how large the draw is. You can then isolate the circuit that's causing it, and once the circuit is isolated you isolate the component on that circuit by unplugging them one at a time and watch for the draw to dissapear. Al it takes is to have a short in a component (like a stereo) or something of that nature to cause an off draw and drain the battery. The list of possibilities is endless until you isolate the circuit. i am actually shocked your "auto-electrician" didn't do that.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks Jake for the ultra-quick response. Really helpful. Best wishes. Allan.