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indy-tech, Import tech
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I have 55 plate Pathfinder 2.5 TDI (manual 6 speed box)Whilst

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I have 55 plate Pathfinder 2.5 TDI (manual 6 speed box)
Whilst driving last night it cut out and would not even crank.
Can hear starter engange but not turn.
Can push the car with ease whilst it is gear (every gear)
Initially I was concerned of a seized engine, but that would act as a transmission brake with the clutch engaged.
Is it possible my clutch has blown and is somehow fouling the flywheel?
Any ideas or experience of this problem would be gravely appreciated as the car is essential for commuting to work.
Hi .
I would say its most likely to be a faulty starter motor ,
bad solenoid or carbon brushes..
Connect a voltmeter to the battery and check battery power a good strong battery will have 12.6 volts, then try and start and look at the voltmeter at the same time, it should not drop below 10.6 volts if it stays strong above 10.6 then battery is good and starter is bad .
If the voltage drops below 10.6 replace the battery .
Now if you are in Gear and you can push the car and the engine does not
turn but the car rolls ,then you have a disengaged clutch (Bad plate )
Check the 4X4 shifter is not in neutral .
Use a 19mm socket on the front crank pulley and see if you can turn the engine by hand . Could still be a sized engine ??..
Still need help then please get back to me with the reply button, and not the poor or bad service, this way i can get back to you or suggest another expert if needed.
Your deposit does not pay me until the answer is rated in a positive way,
A bad rating does not constitute a refund.
If you are not happy or you have sorted out your problem before the answer then please let me know with the reply button .
Kind regards Greg.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Greg,I appreciate your time but so far you haven't given me any useful insight into my problem.You talk about a faulty starter and how to diagnose (I know the starter is good)
My 4x4 selector is electronic so the manual shift lever doesn't exist on my car.
I suggested to you it could be a seized engine or blown clutch.......So in this answer you have offered information I didn't need and parroted information I gave you.I don't feel overly pleased with paying £26 pound for this.
Hi . This option i also gave , not knowing your level of car knowledge and gave you first battery and starter information. Then to close up i gave you info for checking a sized engine ,using a socket and ratchet to see if you can turn the engine to see if it is in fact sized or not .This way you will see if its a clutch or engine issue . The problem at the moment is you can push the car with it in gear and nothing stopping it from rolling when it should when a gear is selected ,Clutch damaged ,clutch parts jamming the Starter ,?? you will need to remove the starter and inspect .If clutch damage you may see a lot of clutch fiber in the bendix. Rgds Greg
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