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The camshaft chain has stretched on my 2008 Nissan Note, I

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The camshaft chain has stretched on my 2008 Nissan Note, I took out an extended warranty when I bought the car but the warranty company will only pay for the chain to be replaced and not any ancillary parts, such new sensors, oil change etc, surely it is best practice to replace these when changing the chain??
If the timing chain has been found to be stretched or visually measured for any excess deflection that exceeds the manufacturers spec for chain protrusion would point to wearing chain or failing worn out tensioner - its doesnt normally involve the sensors..or what ever sensors they are saying are needing replaced as you dont mention which its the sensors cam & crank that pick up on the chain stretch due to the cam and crank out of sync..but they shouldnt require replacement unless "they are" actually faulty,which it doesnt appear to be the case with what your saying if the chains being done instead..Its mechanical/timing fault they are dealing with..The oil and filter change is standard practice after a chain job so im not sure why they dont include that as part of the job in its self...and the timing chain should come as complete kit with tensioners/guides..they shouldnt be just replacing the chain on its own as thats bad practice.... I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything further then please do before you rate
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The fault is showing as follows.
S10 Camshaft Position Sensor A
S10 A Camshaft Position Timing Over - Advanced or System Performance Bank 1The warranty company is adamant that they won't pay for any ancillary work, e.g. oil change and filter change, but if you are saying that changing these is standard practice I will fight for them to pay for it. I think my mechanic has ordered the replacement parts as a kit?? So I will have to foot the bill for an oil and filter change, fuming!
Yes the fault codes certainly do seem to show the chain at fault..thats why as above the sensors dont need changed..but the Oil and filter change in itself - They may look on at that as service item/issue and not the mechanical side which they are paying for..maybe thats why they wont include that into the list..but as you'll know anyway an Oil/Filter change on these cars is relatively cheap/quick to do anyway..and the "bulk of the cost" is being paid for with regards ***** ***** chain job anyway..I know its not ideal and it should in a sense be included as part of the fix...but if you have to pay for it..then least its been done and kind of keeps in form the fact that a new chain has been fitted plus you've gone one step further which generally needs done at the same after the job and changed the oil/filter to ensure the new chain runs on new oil and not the old stuff already in the engine....... However best of luck with the repair