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I have just brought my daughter a Nissan micra Initia 1.2. When

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I have just brought my daughter a Nissan micra Initia 1.2.
When driving it back from wales to Plymouth the last 10 miles it started to splutter.
It was not to bad on the motorway but once we came of on to A roads it was a lot worse.
When you pull away you are kangarooing down the road.
It is best to be light footed it drives better that way.
The orange management light is on, when driving from cold it is a lot better just the odd
But as soon as it is warm it is back to kangarooing.
When the engine is on idle it is running smooth for about 4 seconds then miss's a beat
before running smooth for 4 seconds, any ideas ? Terry.
Hi Terry .
Sorry to hear you are having a problem with a newly bought car for your Daughter must be frustrating .
Good news is the check engine light is on so the diagnosis is going to be easier .
When the check engine light (Management light) comes on this means the system has encountered a malfunction in the system that is causing the car to splutter and kangaroo .
Now the fuel injection system runs off and on many sensors so if any fail the light will come on and the engine may react according to the sensor that has failed .
Now on your i would think that you have a fuel pressure problem or a fuel control issue like a air flow meter ,coolant sensor ,O2 sensors .
Are only a few .
So what you should do to cut down diagnostic time for a quick correct repair is find a good shop that can hook up a diagnostic scan tool and check for malfunction codes .
From the malfunction codes this will put you in the right direction to the problem area.
This way is better then replacing parts on assumption and wasting money on parts not needed.
Terry what i would do if you are a DIY man is get a cheap OBD II code reader this will read codes and let you know what your problem could be , and with the help of JAnswer you could better repair your cars and save money...Or be more prepared for what your problem is and can let the shop know that you know what the problem is, and they will repair what need repairing less chance of getting ripped off.
If you have a code reader you can post them for me to check and go on from there .
Need further assistance then just reply in the box below .
Kind regards Greg
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