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My 52 reg. micra 1.4 CVT auto suffered a sudden but complete

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My 52 reg. micra 1.4 CVT auto suffered a sudden but complete transmission failure when in slow moving traffic being switched in & out of drive due to hardly moving. A bit of a muffled thud and that was it, no drive in either direction. Where do I start with a diagnosis and what hope is there of economical repair?
The car was my mothers, it's been serviced a dozen time in 33000 miles and mostly garaged. If there's any worth mending this must be it! VGC no previous problems engine feels just worn in.
If the CVT just immediately went out when shifting between park and drive, then you need to inspect the linkage from the shifter to the CVT first to make sure it did not become disconnected. Secondly, you say it won't move in either direction. Is it as if it's in park? or is it in a neutral?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
At the time of failure I was shifting repeatedly between neutral and drive averaging less than walking speed and using the foot brake. I believe it was effectively in neutral as I pushed it off the road with the engine running as I remember it.
The symptoms now are; it seems to be properly in park.and the engine runs as usual, then when the button is pressed to pass through Reverse a spinning whirring noise can be heard which fades away to nothing in Neutral then there is a resistance stopping Drive being selected. It whirs again going through Reverse and gently clunks into Park as normal.
ok thanks, ***** ***** to effective shift between neutral and park, but a whirring sound being heard is certainly a concern. with the linkage in tact and working its going to be internal to the box itself. Are you going to work on this yourself? are you wanting direction on the likely specific cause or more about repair costs and recomendations?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I would be happy to work on it myself if I had a procedure, I'm not desperate to get the car back on the road asap but I need to know what's most likely failed to estimate the cost and complexity of the repair. Fully functioning the car is worth ~£1000, as scrap or for spares a few hundred pounds maybe so I'm reluctant to spend over £500 fixing it. So how do I work out what's failed?
To work out what has failed you need to first remove the 10mm bolt holding the fluid dipstick in and start the engine and let it idle. You then need to check the transmission fluid level and color. If the fluid level is fine but extremely dark or burnt then there is a good chance the forward clutch has failed. Short of rebuilding the CVT there is not much you can do. If it has a stepper motor or solenoid issue it would require a control valve which is about $800. Unless its something simple like fluid level or linkage issue getting this fixed for under $500 might be difficult unless you can find a used CVT or something cheap.
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