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I bought a Nissan note in October 2014 IT IS A 2009 MODEL,

Customer Question

I bought a Nissan note in October 2014
IT IS A 2009 MODEL, a 1.5 Litre diesel engine (Tekna) THE MILEAGE AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE WAS A little over 12000
When the weather got very cold in February 2015 I hear loud friction noises whenever I drive over speed bumps. I took it in the garage at the dealers where I bought it. THEY CHARGED me £52 to look at it. I was told that a certain part of the suspension had dried up and that is where the noise comes from. I was advised that it is early days yet hence it would be worth my while to delay repairs until when the car goes in for the next service.
This noise disappeared as the weather got warmer. I hardly heard any noise except when I drove over very steep speed bumps.
The next service, I.E. THE 25000 mile service was carried out in October 2015. There was no mention of this problem with the suspension. Recently as the weather got colder, it started making that sound again, this time it is worse than last year. I took it in and the service adviser had a test drive and told me that there were some bushings on the anti-roll bar and a part of these bushings had dried up hence the noise.
His advice to me was that I should do nothing about it.
This noise may disappear as the weather gets warmer, but while outside temperatures remain low, it seems the noise is getting worse
I want your opinion on his advice
Thank you.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
Hi..there.. Normally if the rubber compound of the bushing retracts or hardens to the low temperature can cause that in some cases especially if corrosion has set in,droplinks that are at either end of the antiroll bar are quite a common issue due to the balljoints on the bar drying up..and to resolve that is to replace both droplinks at either side..and should prevent porblems like that...As an alternative measure they could remove the bushing for the antiroll bar itself "not the droplinks" and grease them up maybe with spray silicone lubricant..but as far as you've been told if they have diagnosed the issue then its pretty straight forward to quote a fix to resolve the problem.than oppossed to leaving the issue as it say maybe persue them a bit more until they agree on fixing the problem..the other option you have is to go elsewhere and have them repaired or replaced..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your response.
Would it be possible to remove the bushings and replace them with new ones. if so, I would like to know the name of these bushings and find out how much they cost before I contact a mechanic
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
I dont see why not - the bushings are pretty simple to replace be it a bit fiddly to get them out..these bushings are the ones that holds the antiroll bar onto the subframe - they are what you call BUSH-STABILIZER part number 54613-9U000 - you may want to double check that with your supplier as there are a few according to size etc..but any good local motorfactors should find them using the registration aswell as give a rough guide on price..the drop links are what is attached to each end of the antiroll bar which insturn attaches to the ensure you know excatly which bushing they refer too before committing to buy anything