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I have a old nissan micro vibe p reg car it has a ignition

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hi i have a old nissan micro vibe p reg car it has a ignition barral problem you turn the key
and it dont start if you turn it to far or to les but if you turn the key to a certain percition it gos like a dream but the aa break down services states its a electrical problem thing is i can buy a new barrel and get a car marcainic to fit it but its key coded so the car will not start once the barrel is fitted or do you know a nissan mobile team that can resolve this problem or can we sort this any information would be greatful
kind regards peggy ps can you help resolve this please
Hey there, are you sure its not the electric portion of the ignition switch on the BACK of the barrell? that's way more common to fail like you mention, and it does not require the barrell to be replaced or a new key. and no new key mean no need to register the key. Now if you get a new barrell (tumbler assembly) it will likely require a different key, so even though the ignition barrell doesn't effect the security registration the new key will and need to be registered.
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