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I have a 2004 P12. Just recently it's started to be that the

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I have a 2004 P12. Just recently it's started to be that the rear passenger doors won't open from the inside. You can open them from the outside fine. Suggestions for fixing please?
Richard, this is normal operation for the child safety locks. If you look on doors side part of the jamb above the door latch you will see a little tab you can move to switch the child safety locks on and off. Make sure they are in the OFF position.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It's not the child lock. You cannot open the passenger door from the inside full stop. Pulling the latch handle has no effect. Recommended actions please?
maybe I am mis-understanding you? it does not matter if the vehicle is at full stop or not, the child locks prevent the rear doors from being opened from inside the vehicle.
the other things that prevent the rear doors from opening from the inside would be if they were locked (so not unlocking properly from the front switch) or if the inside handle cable came off.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The rear doors should open from the inside when the child lock is off and when the child lock has not been engaged. This is not the case now, they will not now open from inside. What can I do aside from taking to a garage? Is there a fix I can do?
thats really odd that BOTH doors failed at the same time. but if you have done what I stated then the problem would be the linkage from the inside handle which will require teh door panelt o be removed to insert the cable back in the handle.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, they both went at the same time. We had some cold weather, frosts, about last month don't know if that could have had an effect? Is it difficult would you say to remove the door panel to re-insert the cable in the back of the handle?
no, not entirely difficult. The cable itself is merely placement and the cable locks itself in. The door panel is most the work, removing the trim.
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