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My 2004 Nissan Almera SE Auto keeps stalling at low speed.

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My 2004 Nissan Almera SE Auto keeps stalling at low speed. The System alert light, the one that looks like an engine block, stays on all the time. A garage tried a computer diagnosis but no result. At first it would start up almost immediately following a stall but now takes time. Any thoughts please?


Could be a bad crank position sensor..normally if these fail or go open circuit then that can cause a non start situation albeit no spark..that could be something to check for when the fault ocurrs..if there is no spark then the crank senosr is likely the culprit..they could also also check the wave form by back probing the signal wires on the cam and crank sensor..that should help verfiy when the fault occurs or the car stalls if the sensor drops out..they need to drive the car whilst the diagnostic machine/scope is recording to see when the event or stall occurs...however if the fault engine block light is on then you should have some sort of fualt codes stored.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The original computer diagnosis showed up as nothing wrong. I will suggest your option, but could it be the coil?

Well if your engine block is on.which is your engine management light..then fault codes must be logged..why your garage cant pick anything up with this warning ON - i cant say..unless you wish to try another garage that maybe able to see if they can or i say crank sensor are usually the most is possible but on the 1.8 petrol you will have 4 coils - one for each if one goes bad then you'll likely get a bad missfire not normally a complete shut down of the engine or a non start.if the sensor fails then all 4 coils wont maybe advise see if anyone else locally can use their machine on it and see if they can get codes from it..checking history codes aswell as current and pending codes.....I do hope this helps..please dont forget to leave a rating for me before you log out..much appreciated

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