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Have a Qashqai 1.6NT+A rental car it cuts out whilst idling

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Have a Qashqai 1.6NT+A rental car it cuts out whilst idling at traffic lights what should I do? It is an automatic diesel. Thank you. Theresa.


Is there any warning lights that come up or have been staying on since this ocurred?

Does it start up straight away after its done this?

How does it perform otherwise?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Robert, have been driving the car all week but yesterday on my way home in rush hour traffic, had to use my wipers for the,first time and cut out at 2 sets of traffic lights without warning. I just restarted the car which meant the lights had changed how popular was I? A blue eco light came on but no warning light as such. Started the car this morning seemed o.k. let it idle for a while again o.k. Is that helpful thanks Theresa.


I do know some these have whats termed as ECO mode all but pretty much newer CVT automatic gearbox nissan's have that and this like fuel saving measure they have on them so alot of the normal parameters the car does ie:- with performance etc is reduced to increase MPG..some of them have button down the right hand side of the dash on the drivers side with a ECO on it..if you have fitted to the car then press it and see if the eco warning on the dash goes out..if you have AUTO stop start function.this will cut the engine out at idle or stationary until you press the clutch the engine will start..again you should have button in the same place looks like the word AUTO with a circle that to turn off and on auto stop start...having said that even with the use of wipers on the car it shouldnt generally cut out even if its got stop/start function on as it wont allow it to shut down at traffic lights etc if things like wipers are used because there is demand on the battery to work these things...stop/start function doesnt always come in under certain conditions....but if you having to pyshically restart the engine via the ignition button then there could be a fault within the eco mode maybe a software problem..which generally only Nissan would likely need to check on to ensure its working correctly...maybe bring up with the rental firm if the problem continues..

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Found the buttons pressed them all o.k. already contacted the hire Co. may take 7 days to get back to me! I will try at a quiet time and see how I get on can't wait to get my modest Note back, someone reversed into it at a car park and she is now in the body shop, p.s. I am disabled and this was the best they could give me with an equivalent seat height. Will get back if I need to many thanks Theresa.

Yeah it could just be if you have turned off ECO mode..then it will be in NORMAL mode so the cutting out or stop/start shouldnt activate at all...If it still does it under use of wipers/headlights etc etc..where there is alot of damand on the charging system or battery then - it certainly would need to be looked into.....Please dont forget to leave a rating for me before you log out..much appreciated..

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