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Dr. Norm S.
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Hi, in February last year I started suffering with a burning

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Hi, in February last year I started suffering with a burning scalp. It disappeared for a while and when I was 10 weeks pregnant started again. It was a nightmare and then I got my ferreting levels checked and they were low so am on tablets and the scalp problem disappeared. Over the weekend I only took one tablet a day instead of 3 and my scalp is burning again today. Why is this and what's going on? I also have under arm and breast pain but could this be associated with my breasts changing? I am due to have baby in 9 weeks. I'm 37.
There is something called burning scalp syndrome, which we don't understand very well. It can sometimes be caused by vitamin or mineral deficiencies, but I doubt that it returned because you cut back on your iron tablets. That wouldn't be enough to cause your ferritin level to drop. I suspect in may have some relationship to your pregnancy, since it sometimes happens while on birth control pills. You could try increasing the iron tablets back up to 3 a day, but I doubt that will make a difference. I would be sure you're taking multivitamins, but I assume that you are. Burning scalp has been associated with low vitamin D, which many of us have. Taking a vitamin D3 tablet 1000 mg daily might help. I suspect the burning scalp may get better once you've delivered.

Breast pain and pain under the arm are common during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The under arm pain often comes because there is breast tissue in the arm pit. Stress is also a common cause of breast pain, and has also been associated with burning scalp. Whatever you can do to decrease stress or help your body cope (regular exercise, good nutrition, enough sleep) will probably help both problems. Best wishes.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you. Even if the pain is under one arm and breast than the other could this still be pregnancy related?
Yes. There may be breast tissue under one arm and not the other. Plus, breast pain is often one sided for some reason.
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