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Hi, I have gone back on the mini pill. Due to very heavy and

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Hi, I have gone back on the mini pill. Due to very heavy and very frequent periods in the hope that things would settle down. Bloods were taken and iron and thyroid checked and all ok. I am into my third pack of pills but have now been blessing for over 32 days. In this time I have had two incidents of heavy bleeding lasting about 8 days, so I am assuming that this would be normal period time. But continue to bleed in between. To start with it was very dark blood, then a heavy spell. Now after a heavy spell, still fresh blood, like a life period but still on going. I have booked another go appointment but can't be seen until 30th. I am thinking about stopping taking the pill in the mean time as it is clearly not helping. What are your recommendations regarding this ?
May I ask first....

1. What are you taknig the mini pill versus a regular pill?

I assume you were taking the mini-pill to help stop the bleeding - which If that is the case - I rarely find this Low dose of progesterone which is the mini-pill able to stop this type of bleeding.

So, yes stop the pill since it is not working and here are other suggestions...

1. See if you can get a regular birth control pill to help for the time being such as using Loestrin - and you can take 2 pills per day of loestrin for 5 days, then back down to 1 pill per day.

2 You can use Ibuprofen (this is over the counter pain medication - but works for bleeding from the vagina) and the dosage is 600mg every 6 hours and you do not need a prescription for this.

3. You can ask for a medication called Lysteda (also known as tranexaic acid) - this is a prescription and the dosage is 1300mg three times per day.

4. And, then you can have a surgical means of treating this which is a minor surgery such as having an Ablation which cauterizes the inside of your uterus - there is one example called the Novasure procedure - you can see this at

I hope this helps
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Thank you
Dr Owen
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

many thanks for this.

You are very welcome