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Dr. Tim, MD
Dr. Tim, MD, Board Cert. OB/GYN
Category: OB GYN
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my partner and i have been tryin to have a baby for over 2

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my partner and i have been tryin to have a baby for over 2 1/2 yrs, we r on the waitin list for the fertility clinic, my partner doesnt ejacalate but hie urologist has done alot of tests and his semen goes into his bladder and it is live and kicking so to speak!
this may sound stupid, but i am so desperate to have a baby, someone has told my that i can get pregnant via his urine, is this true??

Dr. Tim, MD :

Hello, I would be happy to help you today with your question.

Dr. Tim, MD :

This is not true. Even if this were theoretically true, obviously he would have to fully empty his bladder into your vagina. The amount of fluid alone would almost certainly not put a high enough concentration of sperm at the cervix (it would be so diluted by the urine)!

Dr. Tim, MD :

So, the fact is that he needs to be seen by the Urologist and counseled regarding his options. I am not a Urologist, so I cannot comment on his potential procedure.

Dr. Tim, MD :

The good news is that he has living sperm! This all seems very hopeful for you!

Dr. Tim, MD :

If you are satisfied please remember to provide a POSITIVE RATING. Please ask if you have additional questions.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

i have been lookin at some forums online, and apparently you can extract the semen from the urine and artificialy inseminate?


That is actually correct. This is a technique that would have to be pursued through a fertility clinic. To quote a reputable source:

" can be treated with intrauterine insemination (IUI), using the male partner's spermatozoa collected after alkalinization of the urine and extensive washing of the sperm. Alternatively, the washed spermatozoa can be used for in vitro fertilization or ICSI procedures".

In other words, the urine is collected, the sperm are 'washed' and then used to directly inseminate you (IUI) OR to fertilize an egg in the lab and then put this conception in you (IVF).

I hope that this helps. Please remember to provide a POSITIVE RATING. Thank you!

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