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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
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Hi I really need advice, Ive been having periods since I was

Customer Question

Hi I really need advice, I've been having periods since I was 14 every 28-29 days for the past 11yrs except for when I was pregnant with my 2 children now aged 5 & 19months. Even when I've been I'll or stressed or on any contraceptive it's always been the same routine. Now I am confused. I'm on no contraceptive and my husband and me are trying to conceive . I got my tender breasts 2 days before my period was due which was Monday 22nd, Monday arrived no period but cramps, Tuesday no period but cramps again. It wil be Sunday tomorrow and probably won't be a period. I've had sore breast,cramps and tiredness. I have one 3 home pregnancy tests and all negative. I'm so confused, today I have this weird twitchy feeling in my vagina, not painfull just annoying. I do remember that I had signs of ovulation on the 16th of last month and I did have unprotected sex the night before. Please help ? I haven't been stressed or anything so I'm concerned as I know my body well
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr Owen replied 4 years ago.

Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : What day is your period due on?
Dr Owen : Also, give me some other medical history - are you healthy, do you have any thyroid issues, any diabetes, and what is your height and weight (in pounds or Kgs)?
Dr Owen : And, have you ever been pregnant before?
Dr Owen : Hi there
JACUSTOMER-ruqbkyds- :

Hi I'm 25yrs old, my period was due on 22nd of this month. I have no past health issues or anything like that, I'm 5ft 4 and 13st

Dr Owen : What is 13 stone in pounds or kilograms (sorry ) I dont' use stone...
Dr Owen : Also, how many months have you been trying to get pregnant?
Dr Owen : I'm not sure if you got my last questionss
Dr Owen : What is stone in kilograms or pounds (I"m sorry I don't use stone)
Dr Owen : And, how many months have you been trying to get pregnant?
Dr Owen : Hi
Dr Owen : Are you still there?
JACUSTOMER-ruqbkyds- : Yes sorry lost connection
JACUSTOMER-ruqbkyds- : I'm 85kg in weight , I have been this weight for over 3 yrs so I do not think this is down to my weight
Dr Owen : That is fine - we will eventually reconnect
Dr Owen : Well with a regular period and your symptoms you might have a bit of a ovarian cyst concern
Dr Owen : But Unless you have been trying for at least 6 months we really do not get too concerned.
Dr Owen : As for your current symptoms - Many women PAY more attention to their body when they are trying to conceive - so your symptoms you are having actually are quite normal.
JACUSTOMER-ruqbkyds- : I thought so but I just had a ultra sound scan on 3days ago on my kidneys , ovaries bladder etc and they said everything was fine
Dr Owen : And if you have not had a period this month - then what happened is that you did not ovulate and hence this would correlate with a cyst called PCOS - polycystic ovarian syndrome possibley
Dr Owen : I understand - well PCOS will LOOK normal many times
Dr Owen : but Unless you have not tried for at least 6 months I would keep trying
Dr Owen : Also, make sure you are using a Prenatal vitamin
Dr Owen : and what is really important is Exercise - we are finding out that exercise prior to pregnancy and during pregnancy is very important
JACUSTOMER-ruqbkyds- : Ok. I'm just confused as why this has happened as its never happened to me in my life even when trying for my other two children. I had positives on ovulation tests on the 16th of last month
Dr Owen : I understand - but realize that JUST because something has never happened does not mean it can't happen - and read what I wrote above -
Dr Owen : when women are trying to conceive they pay a LOT more attention to their bodies
Dr Owen : Positive ovulation tests do NOT mean you actually ovulated - all they mean is that you had a surge in LH - Luteinizing hormone -
Dr Owen : so these tests can be misleading
JACUSTOMER-ruqbkyds- : Ok I may make an appointment to get my ovaries checked again
Dr Owen : But please do what I suggested - It will help you
Dr Owen : and I do suggest weight loss, exercise, as this really does help - I have taken care of thousands of women in my ob/gyn carreer and the best thing I have seen is exercise and weight loss - it really works
Dr Owen : I wish you well
Dr Owen : if you have more questions, please ask
Dr Owen : Please click on EXCELLENT
Dr Owen : thank you
Dr Owen : Dr Owen
Dr Owen : I wish you the best
Dr Owen : So try not to be confused -
Dr Owen : Just realize you are like millions of other women who are trying to get pregnant - it will happen
Dr Owen : Hello -
Dr Owen : Are you there?
Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : You never answered me - how many months have you been trying to get pregnant?
Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : Are you there?
Dr Owen : Did you disconnect again?