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Dr Owen
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I am a yoga therapist and have a client who feels pain in her

Customer Question

I am a yoga therapist and have a client who feels pain in her lower back and lower abdominals when transitioning in movement from one posture to another. She has core strength (can stay in plank for considerable time), She can hold all the postures when she is in them but moveing into them is painful and difficult for her. for example, something like lifting one foot off the ground while lying on her side hurts her lower abs and back. Any suggestions?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr Owen replied 4 years ago.

This sounds like she has what is known as peritoneal irritation if she is having all this pain with movement - and so this does not sound like a muscular skeletal problem - but more like a problem that she might have on that layer of tissue within her abdominal / pelvic lining.

She might have from a gynecological standpoint a problem with endometriosis for example which is difficult to diagnose unless you have a camera placed within the abdomen - and this is done through a small incision in the belly button - and if she has this - endometriosis can be removed - but sometimes it is just easier to use a medication called Depo Lupron.

Also, I would suggest that if she has not had a PET scan - I would suggest this to - sometimes cancers can show that would not otherwise show on an ultrasound or CT scan. Unlikely this is a cancer- but if she is not finding anything, a PET scan would be a good suggestion.

I wish her well

thank you
Expert:  Dr Owen replied 4 years ago.
So I would suggest that she get a very good exam by a Surgeon who is use to doing exams this intricately and then a scan -
Another scan she should get done is a MRI.

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