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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
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Hi was wondering if you can help me my was five days

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Hi was wondering if you can help me my period was five days late my last cycle and I was due to start on the 2nd of nov they didn't start til the 7th I took a test on the 5th nov but was negative. When I started on the 7th it was dark red but not like my normal period it was a bit lighter I stopped on the 12th nob then on the 13th started light bleeding like a light pink colour then it changed to a light brown and has been like that since some days it nothing and the next there can be slightly more I'm a bit worried as this is been three weeks but the past three days I felt really sick and today I was sick twice so when I finished work I was speaking to my friend and she said to take a test so I did and was positive and then my husband went to the shop and bought another brand and it was also positive. I'm just concerned that I'm bleeding and scared to get my hopes up I stopped taking the pill in June and since I've been off the pill my first month was 2 periods in the space of two weeks apart then I've been regular 24 days with the other one except from this time can u help me as I'm worried and wondered if this is normal

Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : This is not that uncommon
Customer: Hi
Dr Owen : Now that you have 2 positive pregnancy tests you need to get a BLOOD pregnsncy test called a Quantitative HCG blood pregnancy test and then Repeat the test 48 hours later
Dr Owen : The second test 48 hours later should increase by at least 66% or more for a viable and normal pregnancy
Dr Owen : Bleeding, etc is fairly common
Customer: it the first time I have tried to get pregnant as always been on birth contol was just worried
Dr Owen : IF you are wanting to keep this pregnancy - then you need to get take Prenatal vitamins, no sex until you are seen by an ob/gyn doctor, drink plenty of water.
Dr Owen : I understand you are worried - I see many women just like you in my office ever day
Dr Owen : So the best think you can do is follow my advice at this point.
Customer: thank u I will phone my doc tomorrow I've been taking frolic acid as we have been trying for a baby
Dr Owen : You are very welcome
Dr Owen : folic is perfect
Dr Owen : But also take prenatal vitamins
Customer: ok I will get some tomorrow thank you for your help
Dr Owen : I wish you well
Dr Owen : Please click on EXCELLENT
Dr Owen : Thank you
Customer: thank u
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