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i had an fsh test done 2 month ago and was told i was in the

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i had an fsh test done 2 month ago and was told i was in the menopausal range, i havnt had a period since 28th june and last night i had cramp on lower right side and discovered i was bleeding quite heavily,is this normal i am 46 years old

Are you still having a cramp?

Do you have a fever?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hello i am just cold sweating slightly and slightly light headed a little anxious

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

also the cramp is still there but bearable its on the lower right


Since this is on the right and given some of your symptoms this could be due to an ovarian cyst, or possibly your appendix if you still have your appendix - so it is very important that you get this evaluated.

So you need to get an Ultrasound for the ovaries and if possibly the appendix, then you should get a CT Scan - but you should get this evaluated if this Worsens, if you develop a fever 101 F or greater too.

More than likely this is just a normal ovarian cyst that should go away - but you should get this evaluated just to make sure.

I hope this helps
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thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i had a ct scan 5 weeks ao and it was all clear of the pelvis, i was using progesterone cream serenity by well springs which my gp said was ok to use if it helped my menopause symtoms,would this have brough on the period if i was estrogen dominent ?

Yes it would cause symptoms that you are having as the progesterone can 'awaken' the ovaries and hence cause cysts of the ovaries too.

I wish you well
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thank you
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