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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
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Hello I have been diagnosed by my gp with severe

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I have been diagnosed by my gp with severe vaginal thrush. I have 5-6 blister/sores around my clitoris and on the labia. My pain is being controlled with codeine and the gp has prescribed me 50mg flucanazole for 7 days. Im just wondering what is best to put on the sores? Nappy rash cream? Or thrush cream? I have been having plenty of salt baths and am on bed rest. I'm not eating any sugar or yeast products.

Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : you can also put Clotrimazole which is also called Canestan, or Gynelotrimin.
Dr Owen : in addition you can add a steroid cream called hydrocortisone
Dr Owen : all of these are available without a prescription.
Dr Owen : i hope this helps and yes you can use these with the fluconazole
Customer: Ok - will this help the sores ?
Customer: im in so much pain
Dr Owen : Yes this will help the sores
Customer: Why do you get sores from the thrush?
Dr Owen : also. If you have a lot of pain have your doctor prescribe you lidocaine jelly
Dr Owen : thrush is a yeast infection and it just irritates the skin, hence the sores.
Dr Owen : i hope this helps
Dr Owen : please click on EXCELLENT
Customer: Ok, the sores look like they have a yellowish coating on them - is that part of the healing process?
Dr Owen : YES, that is correct.
Customer: Good . Would thrush cause my glands in my groin to increase in size too?
Dr Owen : I know this can be quite difficult to deal with but it will improve.
Dr Owen : yes it is an infection and hence your body is trying to heal,so hence the inflammation, the size.
Customer: Ok thank you for your help I am very down about it .
Dr Owen : So try the Clotrimazole ( Canestan )
Dr Owen : and the hudrocortisone
Dr Owen : I wish you the best
Dr Owen : please click on EXCELLENT
Customer: I have been using this already for the past week.
Dr Owen : Using what?
Customer: Canastan cream clotrimazole
Dr Owen : Okay
Dr Owen : then you might need a prescription strength to Terazol or terconazole
Dr Owen : and also get a prescription to higher strength steroid such as betamethasone or Triamcinolone.
Customer: Ok thank you I will speak to my gp. How long should this take to heal up?
Dr Owen : With a resistant yeast it could take a few weeks.
Dr Owen : so give it some time.
Dr Owen : And also get the lidocaine gel to help with the pain.
Dr Owen : I wish you well
Dr Owen : please click on EXCELLENT for helping you
Dr Owen : thank you
Customer: Is that all u care about?
Dr Owen : I have helped you
Dr Owen : i have been giving you my dedicated time and answering all of your questions.
Customer: Yes and I appreciate if but you have now mentioned this excellent thing to me 4 times. You are giving the impression it's all you care about. And I have paid you nearly 50 pounds for your help!
Dr Owen : Well good luck to you
Dr Owen : We actually get nothing without a positive rating
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