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Dr Owen
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Following two acute abdominal pain attacks in 4 weeks and

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Following two acute abdominal pain attacks in 4 weeks and after blood markers were raised in a test I had an ultrasound today that showed at least 3 stones two in the bile ducts and one in the pancreas near the neck of the pancreas. I had a colecsectomy 7 years ago. My concern is that they are all very large and the one in pancreas is 10mm in diameter.
Does this mean it is likely I will have it removed via surgery?

Dr Owen : Heloo
Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : Well given the pain that you are having - you might consider surgery - but there is also a laser surgery to or Ultrasound that can oblierate this stone that you have
Dr Owen : And one this stone is destroyed / removed you should be and feel a lot better

I have been reading on various sites that if the stone is as big as 10mm in the pancreas then the only option for removal is surgery rather than endoscopy that was why I asked. I don't feel you have answered my question?

Dr Owen : Yes
Dr Owen : but there are ways of removing the stone by oblitertaing the stone with a laser that can destroy the stone and this is more of a MINOR surgery than a major surgery
Dr Owen : sorry for the misunderstanding
Dr Owen : I think you are trying to avoid a major open surgery and you really do not need that
Dr Owen : I hope that makes sense

yes, i think so and yes I would rather avoid this open surgery, I'm not sure the UK offer this laser treatment option as it wasn't mentioned during the scan just endoscopy and surgery, but I will mention it when I have my appointment wiht the gastrics team. Thank you

Dr Owen : I wish you well
Dr Owen : Please click on EXCELLENT for helping you today
Dr Owen : I wish you the best
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