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Dr Owen
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Endometriosis pain & bleeding after exercise

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Hi there, I had a lap a year ago which resulted in an endometrioma, may ovary and fallopian tube being removed. They also found a ''significant'' fibroid. I do a lot of weight training as I am getting ready for a physique contest and Ive changed programs to a more intense one - this has a lot more core work in it than usual. Ive been getting a lot more cramping and pain than usual, and more discharge (sorry for TMI!). Normally its that horrible brownish stuff but today its pinkish, which I'm guessing means some fresh blood. Not sure whats going on but today my stomach is cramping low down and round my sides too. Am I causing damage? I dont want to give up lifting!

Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : Actually you are not causing damage, and with extreme work out regimens you are probably helping yourself by shrinking the fibroid
Dr Owen : so keep doing that.

ok thats great news thanks! Ive managed to get my bodyfat down from 33% to 22%. Is the pain / bleeding normal then?

Dr Owen : To help the fibroids to without having major surgery and without using hormones you can get a minor procedure called an UAE, Uterine Artery Embolization which blocks the flow of blood to the fibroids and shrinks them
Dr Owen : Yes that is all normal so keep going
Dr Owen : also you can try ibuprofen to help
Dr Owen : also a prescription to Lysteda which is also known as transexamic acid will help

ok, is there a lot of downtime with that? It sounds ideal - my doc put me on the POP and it send me barking mad lol I'll keep going then - I just wanted to make sure I wasnt doing extra damage. Thank you and I'll ask my doc re transexamic acid too.

Dr Owen : you mean progesterone pills
Dr Owen : if progesterone that will make you gain weight

I came off it after a couple of weeks - Im trying to get to about 16-18% BF so def dont need that. I'm not taking anything other than ibuprofen now. thanks again Doc :-)

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