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Dr Owen
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Seven days ago I woke up with abdominal cramps and heavy bleeding.

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Seven days ago I woke up with abdominal cramps and heavy bleeding. I was 5.5 weeks pregnant. I knew I was going to miscarry as the clear-blue test with conception indicator had gone from pregnant 2-3 to pregnant 1-2 in a matter of days. My slightly sore breasts and increased urination symptoms disappeared overnight. Yesterday prior to my doctors appointment today, I took another test to confirm for myself that I was no longer pregnant, the result was negative. I went to the doctors this morning and although she didn't do any examination or take blood she said the test was confirmation of miscarriage and my body returning to normal.
My confusion came about this afternoon when for some reason my frequent urination came back with a vengeance. Out of curiosity I took another test, stupid I know, but I had one left and something was bothering me. Bearing in mind it is now late evening, the test reading was pregnant 1-2 weeks. I am so confused now and would like to know if anyone has ever heard of this. Any help would be appreciated.

Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : Have you had recent sex too in the past 2 to 3 weeks?
Dr Owen : A few things, you could still be pregnant as you could of had a twin pregnant that reverted to a singleton pregnancy.
Dr Owen : also, this could be a new pregnancy
Customer: Yes but not in the past seven days
Dr Owen : of if you are using a new pregnancy test from a differnent company then you could have two different t tests with different sensitivities
Dr Owen : so what I would suggest is a blood pregnancy test and then repeat the blood test if positive 24 hours later.
Dr Owen : that would be the only way to know what is going on.
Customer: They were all clear blue with conception indicator tests.
Dr Owen : Okay
Dr Owen : well then you need that blood test to figure out what is going on.
Dr Owen : and then get a second test 24 hours later
Customer: Can HCG levels decrease to show a negative test then rise again?
Dr Owen : if you started with twins yes
Dr Owen : that is usually the case
Customer: And symptoms disappear, then reappear? I'm sorry I'm just really confused at the moment.
Dr Owen : i understand
Dr Owen : so the only way to know is with the blood tests
Dr Owen : so could still be pregnant
Dr Owen : But blood testing is needed
Customer: If it was a twin and one is still holding on, would the significant drop in HCG harm it?
Dr Owen : Hard to say, there are no hard and fast rules for this
Dr Owen : so the only way to know are with the blood tests
Dr Owen : you can wait a week to repeat the urine test
Dr Owen : if still positive then still pregnant
Customer: I may do that. My doctor didn't offer blood tests. I'm in the UK
Dr Owen : he should offer them
Dr Owen : if. You want to know sooner than a week from niw
Dr Owen : now
Dr Owen : i wish there was a better alternative
Dr Owen : so blood tests now or wait a week for another urine pregnancy test
Dr Owen : I wish you well
Dr Owen : and I hope this helps
Dr Owen : thank you
Customer: It takes two weeks to get a doctors appointment so I guess I'll wait for the urine test. You've confirmed what I already knew. The only part I don't really understand is if hcg levels show you're pregnant, then low hcg levels and a negative test shouldn't be possible if you were carrying a twin..
Dr Owen : It can be possible you started with a twin that then became a singleton so hence you need a blood test if you want to know early if you are still possibly pregnant
Dr Owen : So hcg levels can be all over
Customer: Ok thank you for your time
Dr Owen : you are welcome
Dr Owen : please click on EXCELLENT
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