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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
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Hi, I am 25, female. Recently I had an ear/throat infection

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Hi, I am 25, female. Recently I had an ear/throat infection so I had antibiotics. The antibiotics didn't help my ear but gave me a thrush type itch and discharge which is gone now.but then I felt what felt like a very deep slight bruise around my vagina area and now a few days later I can feel a firm lump right down under the skin just above and to the left of my clitoris. It feels slightly bigger than a pea, and doesn't seem to move around, not painful really, if I press hard it feels just slightly like it's bruised but that's it. I have a doctors appointment next week but I'm sick with worry that it might be cancer.

Dr Owen :


Dr Owen :

Did you treat the thrush (yeast infection)?

Customer: No, I assumed it was thrush, then looked online and it said it normally goes on it's own, which it did seem to in 2 days.
Dr Owen :

okay so you just have this spot near your clitoris, correct?

Customer: Yes, it's deep down under the skin, so not like a pimple, more like a firm lump.
Dr Owen :

any pain?

Customer: Not really, it's just like a very very slight bruising pain if I press quite firmly.
Dr Owen :

okay - what you are feeling is the Skene's gland - this is probably due to the antibiotics causing a decrease in the pH which then causes a yeast /thrush infection and this can affect the skene's gland - and this WILL improve - and since you are NOT having any pain - you do not need to do anything at this point.

Dr Owen :

and this is NOT a cancer - so you do not need to worry about this

Customer: Really? Is it in the right place for the skene gland? Also when should it go down and how will I know when to consult the doctor if it carries on?
Dr Owen :

Yes it is - right to the side of the clitoris

Dr Owen :

The time to consult a doctor is this is getting Bigger and/or this is getting pain, or you are seeing this change a color.

Dr Owen :

Skene gland inflammation is normal and quite common

Customer: Yes and kinda above the clitoris? Ok cool thanks very much!
Dr Owen :

you are ver welcome

Dr Owen :

have a good evening

Dr Owen :

Please click on EXCELLENT

Dr Owen :

thank you

Customer: Ok thanks
Dr Owen :


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