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Dr Owen
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Just had 1st cycle IVF, had 4 good sized fols 3 eggs collected

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Just had 1st cycle IVF, had 4 good sized fols 3 eggs collected at EC however next morning was told 1 damaged (came out of shell) and two were empty! Trying to get my hear around how /why and not getting many answers. I am 41 low AMA had been on short protocol highest dose of Menopur and Centrocide, and Gonasi trigger 36 hours before EC. I have been told v v rare for all eggs to be empty.

Dr Owen :


Customer: Hi
Dr Owen :

so you have 2 remaining eggs, is that what I am hearing?

Customer: No they were empty zona's - no energy or chromosome matter
Dr Owen :

so all your eggs were empty?

Dr Owen :

and what was your AMA?

Customer: yes, AMA was 1.95
Dr Owen :

So essentially what this sounds like, after they collected what they 'thought' were eggs, they did not really have eggs - I think that is what happened -

Customer: It was the next morning when they hadnt fertilised that they removed the surround and discovered they were empty zona's, but how is this caused?
Dr Owen :

Why an egg does not have a zona this usually occurs because of the age of the egg - now all women are born with all the eggs they are going to ever have, and over time these eggs decrease and break down - so eventually the eggs and the contents of the microscopic follicles essentially 'age' - and that is what you are seeing -

Dr Owen :

Your AMA is 'ok' it is bordering on the 'low' side - so your eggs were on the low side of possibility of being what we call 'viable'

Customer: I understand that but does this mean I have no eggs left (my periods and ovulation was regular pre ivf so am not menopausal) or that it was an unlucky ivf cycle?
Dr Owen :

Well given you have a low AMA I would suggest trying another cycle to collect the eggs.

Dr Owen :

Now one thing though

Dr Owen :

I would not attempt to collect eggs unless you see at least 5 follicles with possible eggs inside - that way you increase your odds of having at least 2 good eggs.

Dr Owen :

and you want to have 2 good eggs

Customer: thank you but i am not sure i am any the wiser as to why this happened on this cycle.
Dr Owen :

honestly trying to find the exact reason as to why this happens can be futile. The possibilities of getting pregnant are low to begin with - as most couple who do get pregnant, have only a 50% chance of the pregnancy surviving, but the number is XXXXX lower for a pregnancy to even occur - and for a woman at 40 years of age, the likelihood of a pregnancy occurring and going to term for delivery is only about 5% - so it is a low number that many people do not want to really hear

Dr Owen :

So to increase the odds for YOU to get pregnant and to stay pregnant - having a follicle / egg collection of at least 5 is what you should look for

Dr Owen :

I wish you well

Dr Owen :

Please click on Excellent for helping you this morning

Dr Owen :

Thank you

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