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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  Board certified Ob/Gyn
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Hi doctor since october I was expiercing pulsing sensation

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Hi doctor since october I was expiercing pulsing sensation in left ear got ..ent gave me all clear ears are fine..I notice it stops wen I push under jaw on left side bwteew the jaw and watever bone is in there..wat could cause this..its so annoying

Dr Owen :


Dr Owen :

Is the area where your jaw is connected too?

Customer: There is wee gap between jaw and bone under ear
Dr Owen :

is the pain area?

Customer: Wen I press thete the noise stops
Customer: Not pain more tenderness
Dr Owen :

What you have is TMJ - Temporal Mandibular Jaw syndrome....

Dr Owen :

Yes it can be quite annoying, and women more than man get this.

Dr Owen :

Here is a good site for you

Customer: Oh right how can this be cured
Customer: Does it cause the pulsating in ear too?
Dr Owen :

It can be helped and it can cause ear problems too as the nerves are in the same areas.

Customer: Oh right I was reading on internet and it was saying vascular trouble like carotid artety and anuerysm..scared me!
Dr Owen :

No, that is very unlikely to be a problem with blood flow

Dr Owen :

The first step I would suggest is to get seen by a dentist - they have very good knowledge of the jaw and also an ENT - Ear, Nose and Throat doctor too

Customer: Yeah cause my bp is normal and I exercise regular and cholesterol is 4.5
Dr Owen :

at your age too - you will not have a problem with carotid arteries or aneurysm

Customer: Yeah thats good that Is reassuring to hear also...I am goin to dentist on monday hopefully get sorted..I have one more question I take cipralex 5 mg doez this cause heart probs also can I drink wine with this
Customer: Moderately of course
Dr Owen :

the cipralex is fine

Dr Owen :

You can have a glass of wine with this

Customer: I heard that it can cause heart probs in people is this true
Dr Owen :

that would be very Unlikely to cause a heart problem- at most you might have some a racing heart feeling - but that will go away if you stop that medication - so nothing to worry about

Customer: Ok thanks for info and hopefully wil get tmj treated
Dr Owen :

I wish you well

Dr Owen :

Please click on EXCELLENT

Dr Owen :

thank you

Customer: Ps is 4.5 good cholesterol
Dr Owen :


Customer: Thanks
Dr Owen :

you are very welcome

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