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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
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Hi For the past few days (since Sunday) Ive had mild cramping

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For the past few days (since Sunday) I've had mild cramping and brown clots when I urinate (no need for pad/tampons). I am ovulating at the moment and have had the odd bit of spotting before but never this long. I have booked a doctors appointment but can only get one for 8 days away.

Period due in 12 days. Normal cycle is between 27 and 29 days.

On sunday there was a bit of red blood, now it's just brown.

Should I be concerned?

Dr Owen : Hello


Dr Owen : Any pain?
Dr Owen : Any fevers?

mild cramping. no fever or anything else. Cramp was a bit worse on Monday but is very mild today (but can still feel it).

Dr Owen : Well this could be a simple UTI - urinary tract infection, or even due to you having ovulated
Dr Owen : This is Not an emergency
Dr Owen : and you can Try to just keep very well hydrated with water, as many times UTI's do clear by hydrating

how would I know if I have a UTI? It feels like a period but without a lot of blood. Should I be concerned it's still there and it's been 2-3 days?

Dr Owen : well the only way to know is with dipping the urine with what is known as an Urinanalysis - but if you are not having any severe symptoms - then it is not an emergency and many times UTI's do clear and go away on their own with hydrating
Dr Owen : and since you do not have a severe fever or pain, and just small amounts of blood - this is not really concerning.,

yes the blood isnt in the urine that's clear.

Dr Owen : okay

is cramping classed as pain though? It's just mild - no need for paracetamol etc but I can feel it.

Dr Owen : cramping is a type of pain - but mild pain/ cramping is not an emergency and if just due to ovulation - then this goes away on its own
Dr Owen : so again not a concern

hopefully it'll stop in the next day or so then?

Dr Owen : It usually does

ok - I have had it before but it's not lasted more than a day before which is why I was concerned, and that the blood is brown

Dr Owen : and all that is perfectly ok

ah ok - how long does something like this usually last for?

Dr Owen : can be up to a week
Dr Owen : and this will resolve on its own

Ok thank you - will hope it goes away soon then. If the blood changes colour/increases or pain increases I should go to the emergency room or wait for doctors?

Dr Owen : If you have bright red blood that SOAKS 1 to 2 pads every hour, if you have a fever greater than 101 F, and /or pain is Severe - then go to the Emergency room - otherwise you will be fine
Dr Owen : I wish you well
Dr Owen : Please click on Excellent
Dr Owen : thank you
Dr Owen : have a great day

ok thank you - will do. appreciate your help has put my mind at rest a lot.

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