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my second child will be 6years,i used iud after her birth for

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my second child will be 6years,i used iud after her birth for 2 and half years.i had it remove in 2012. have been trying to get pregnant since then.hormonal test comes out normal but i dont have my period regularly,i can go for 3months without period,i have taken drugs, some injections, done hsg twice, result are conflicting;one reads tubal occlusion other spasm. can tubal occlusion stop my period? can i have occlusion after two normal birth? how can i be help please, im now 38years.

A tubal occlusion will NOT stop a period.

This sounds like you have a possible thyroid condition and if so then you need to take a medication such as synthroid.

YOu might have a problem with PCOS - Polycystic ovarian syndrome - and if so then you will need to take a medication such as Metformin every day.

And then if you are still having problems and you still want to get pregnant and everything seems to be normal - then I would suggest doing IVF - Invitro Fertilization to get pregnant.

I wish you well

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

is occlusion ruled out,if not what test can confirm the state of my tubes?

how can i know its thyroid condition or pcos



There is a test called Chromopertubation - which any ob/gyn can do for you.
To check your thyroid you need a TSH thyroid blood test
and to check PCOS - you need an ultrasound

I hope this helps.
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