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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
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Hi there i recently had an incident with an escort i am adverse

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Hi there
i recently had an incident with an escort i am adverse to this but was on holiday and got carried away i have always been worried about sit and std so have always been with the same woman and never been unfaithful before however you must hear this daily !!
i did not have sex with the escort as i did not want to she gave me protected oral with a condom on and she licked my testicle once and i asked her to stop as i was aware there was no protection there

The worry for me is this i fingered the woman several times ( sorry for lack of a better term ) and toward the end of the oral i took the condom off and touched myself she did not touch my unprotected penis nor did it come into contact with here but my hand had been inside her there had been a gap of at least 5 minutes would you suggest there is a risk here ?
help appreciated

Dr Owen : Hello



have a asked the question in the right area of the site ?

Dr Owen : so you mean your penis was inside of her

not at all

Dr Owen : a little confused by what you wrote
Dr Owen : Oh - just wanted to confirm

i mean my fingers were inside her several times so her fluids were on my hands and i then minutes later masturbated myself

Dr Owen : well from what you wrote in the rest of your question - you really do NOT need to worry about this at all

how long can sit live on the hand ?


oops sti

Dr Owen : what is 'sit'?
Dr Owen : okay
Dr Owen : when STDs do not live on the hand - so you really do not need to worry and if you washed your hands with soap and water you are very well protected

there is no risk from the saliva on my testicles although it was brief i have read online any bodily fluid can pass the infection my hands to my penis my hands were dry it was not like it was straight after obviously i am more worried as it was an escort

Dr Owen : saliva kills STDs
Dr Owen : so you really do not need to worry about this
Dr Owen : NOT even HIV lives in the mouth - the enzymes in the mouth kill the HIV

ok so nothing to worry about


i think i am worried as my wife is undergoing ivf and i have put myself in a stupid situation

Dr Owen : No, you do not need to worry
Dr Owen : you and your wife will be fine - do not worry
Dr Owen : it is just your guilty consciousness that is making you anxious
Dr Owen : so please do not worry - you took the proper precautions.
Dr Owen : I wish you well


Dr Owen : If you have more questions, please ask
Dr Owen : Please click on EXCELLENT for helping you today
Dr Owen : Thank you

you have studied sexual health i stat what gyno is


will do

Dr Owen : and I wish you and your wife well during the IVF
Dr Owen : thank you
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