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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
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I have tried a number of birth control pills, and cant seem

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I have tried a number of birth control pills, and can’t seem to find one that suits me. The ones I have tried include Yasmin, Yaz (both caused me lots of negative side effects), Microgynon, Brevinor and Marvelon – They all either cause me insomnia, weight gain or reduced libido. Which pill would you recommend that could avoid these? I’m sure there’s a way of working it out based on looking at the type of hormones in each of these etc, but I’m no expert! (I live in the UK).

Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : LEt me ask you this - do you have to use a pill, or are you willing to try something else - because there are MANY options out there, even in the UK?

I would prefer to use a pill if I can find one that works

Dr Owen : okay
Dr Owen : well a pill I like is called LoEstrin 1/20
Dr Owen : as that I think your body would tolerate - it usually does for most women

is that a low dose pill? i.e. would it cause breakthrough bleeding?

Dr Owen : Yes it is a low dose pill, there is a HIGHER dose pill if you need it called Loestrin 1.5/30
Dr Owen : Also, JUST for your information - the Nuvaring might be helpful for you
Dr Owen : Also the Patch called OrthoEvra might be helpful too
Dr Owen : and Finally the Mirena IUD would be helpful too
Dr Owen : AND if you want NO hormones at all - then the Paragard Copper IUD is extremely useful too

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX suggest the low or hgh does?


Also, have you head of Norimin?

Dr Owen : Start with the low dose first
Dr Owen : I Have heard of that
Dr Owen : but try Loestrin first
Dr Owen : and do think about the Nuvaring, the patch or one of the IUDs - many women really like these alternatives
Dr Owen : I hope this helps
Dr Owen : If you have more questions, please ask
Dr Owen : Please click on EXCELLENT
Dr Owen : Thank you
Dr Owen : Have a great day

great, thank you

Dr Owen : you are welcome
Dr Owen : Please click on EXCELLENT
Dr Owen : Thank you
Dr Owen : You should be able to see the Excellent button near where you were typing - that would be appreciated
Dr Owen : Thank you
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