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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
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Had unprotected saturday night, we are both clear of stis.

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Had unprotected sex saturday night, we are both clear of sti's. Sunday evening my vagina started to feel uncomfortable. It doesnt itch, isnt red and doesnt hurt. I find it hard to explain the feeling. Swollen maybe but I wouldnt know what that would really feel like. I would like to know why I am feeling this and what to do to make it go away?

Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : When you were having sex - did you have a LOT of sex?
Dr Owen : does your vagina feel swollen or engorged?
Dr Owen : hi



Yes we had alot of sex. Probably a couple of hours


Its never been swollen before so im not sure but yes that could be how it feels

Dr Owen : okay - NOTHING to worry about - all you did was RUB the vagina a lot and irritate the vagina - and you essentially lost vaginal lubrication - it can take time for this to heal - usually about 2 weeks before you should have sex again
Dr Owen : YOU HAD a lot more sex than what the human body is designed for - it is OKAY - it will get better - nothing to worry about
Dr Owen : If you want you can use RepHresh vaginal gel and /or Vagisil to help

Ok what will happen if I do have sex in the next couple of days


I do still seem naturally moist, is this not the same?

Dr Owen : Well You really should let yourself heal - you will NOT cause harm - but honestly - let yourself heal first
Dr Owen : Moist IS NOT the same as being well lubricated - a BIG difference
Dr Owen : so when you do have sex - TAKE it easy
Dr Owen : and if you have sex for a LONG time - USE a long lasting lubrication - such as Massage body vitamin E oil - that works VERY well

Ok then. Fiance goes back in army so was hoping that tomorrow would be ok

Dr Owen : okay
Dr Owen : I wish you well
Dr Owen : Please click on EXCELLENT
Dr Owen : thank you
Dr Owen : Have a great day

Thank you

Dr Owen : just remember good lubrication in the future
Dr Owen : you are very welcome
Dr Owen : Please click on Excellent
Dr Owen : thank you
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Dr Owen : thank you
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