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Dr Owen
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My wife has some discomfort on the left of her left

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My wife has some discomfort on the left of her left breast near her armpit. Her periods have been all over the place and she went to the GP today. He is sending her to get some blood tests tomorrow. He talked about test for pituitary function. We know what and where the PG is what might that have to do with the discomfort? I would like to have some idea before she gets the blood test results so as to help her understand what she is being told. Thank you

Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : what do you mean by PG - that is not a routine term?
Dr Owen : Also, what is her age?

sorry shorthand for pituitary gland . she is 44

Dr Owen : The pituitary is a gland at the base of the brain that controls thryoid function, prolactin function, ovulation function and many other activities in the body
Dr Owen : So checking the many lab values can sometimes bring up a cause from her symptoms - such as check a TSH thyroid or a PRL Prolactin test
Dr Owen : and these are very easy to treat too
Dr Owen : So try not to worry - these are common tests
Dr Owen : And, if one of them comes back abnormal - then that is very easy to treat

I am an idiot ! I forgot to say that she was surprised to find yesterday that she expressed some milk . She has not breast fed for 2 years. Our baby is 3

Dr Owen : Yes that is due to usually an elevated Prolactin hormone level in the pituitary gland - very EASY to treat with a medication called bromocriptine

thank you , very helpful

Dr Owen : More than likely that is the problem
Dr Owen : I wish her well
Dr Owen : Please click on Excellent for helping ou
Dr Owen : Thank you
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