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Dr Helen
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Can a bladder and/or yeast infection cause a pink discharge

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Can a bladder and/or yeast infection cause a pink discharge after sex? I did have traces of blood in my urine which have now gone after a week of antibiotics. I was on day 9 of my cycle. I have been taking evening primrose oil for a month, so I was wondering if it could have upset my hormonal balance? Thanks
Hello, this is Dr Helen, a UK doctor.
In answer to your question you could have a yeast infection. Being on antibiotics increases the chances of a yeast infection as the antibiotics kill off the "good" bacteria than normally keep yeast at bay.
You can buy canesten cream over the counter to treat this but if it persists you need to see the GP for a swab to be taken.
The other thing I would say is make sure you are up to date with your smear tests too. A pink discharge can sometimes come from the cervix and smear tests are the best way to keep a check on the cervix.
I don't think the primrose oil will have upset your hormones and you're fine to carry on taking this.

Best wishes.
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