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How accurate are ultrasounds after 30 weeks? I had to have

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How accurate are ultrasounds after 30 weeks? I had to have a growth scan at 28 weeks where everything was on the 50 percentile (femur, head circ, abdominal circ) . When they scanned me again 2 weeks later, the head circ dropped from 50 percentile to 30 percentile. They are scanning me again at32 weeks just to check but I've started worrying now if there is anything physically wrong. All my other scans were completely normal. They did say that the baby was head down and very low

Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : at 30 weeks an ultrasound is accurate to within 2 1/2 weeks
Dr Owen : there further you are in pregnancy the less accurate they are.
Dr Owen : As long as the baby remains above 10 th percentile you should be fine.
Dr Owen : i wish you well
Dr Owen : please click on excellent
Dr Owen : thank you
Dr Owen : I am on an airplane so my internet is not that strong
Dr Owen : Also what is done is that you should have an ultrasound every 3 to 4 weeks until you deliver
Dr Owen : I wish you well
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Customer: If growth has been normal up to 28 weeks and it's only the head size that has slowed slightly, is there likely to be any health issues. Every other part of the scan is normal size, normal fluid level, normal Doppler results and placenta function. I just wanted to know is it common for the head to stop growing at gnus pint when the rest of the baby is growing normally or is there a chance the measurement could have been slightly wrong because it may have been difficult to scan the head due to the position
Dr Owen : And yes it could be the way the scan was done.
Dr Owen : but honestly try to relax there is nothing you need to do
Dr Owen : and you should have another scan in3 to 4 weeks
Dr Owen : i wish you well
Dr Owen : thank you
Dr Owen : Please click on excellent
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Customer: They are scanning me every 2 weeks but I had a 4d scan the next day as a gift and it was done at a private clinic rather than nhs hospital and they measures everything the same as the nhs hospital but measured the head bigger what it is supposed to be
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