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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
Category: OB GYN
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Experience:  Board certified Ob/Gyn
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I have just found a small hard lump on my lip. WHat

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I have just found a small hard lump on my vaginal lip. WHat could this be

Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : can you tell me. More?

it isnt painful I only noticed today

Dr Owen : what is the size and location?

on my vaginal lip and quite small about the size of half a pea


closer to inner vagina but ultimately not inside

Dr Owen : Does this hurt?
Dr Owen : do you shave?

no pain and yes


i shave


quite a while ago you answered another question where I showed you a picture that was inner vagina an dyou said it was trapped hair

Dr Owen : is this in the area shave?

thats the only other issue I have


other than the PCOS




that other trapped hair is still there

Dr Owen : more than likely this is just a minir cyst and nothing to worry about
Dr Owen : what we call a Bartholin cyst
Dr Owen : try using a warm bath or wash cloth to soak this

I have had one of them before...

Dr Owen : try to soak it

Should I see the doctor about the other one


its been weeks

Dr Owen : tyr to soak it see if that works


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