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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
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hi I have had a Hystocopy op and had Polyops removed and they

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hi I have had a Hystocopy op and had Polyops removed and they have found a fibroid
in the cavity wall of my cervix, I had this investigation done as post menopausal bleeding on and off for 12 years,(not heavy though) my consultant has rcommended key hole Hysterectomy which I am probably going a head with, the thing is if I do not have this op will I continue to have bleeds sometimes ?

Dr Owen : HEllo
Dr Owen : Well In Menopause the fibroids WILL 100% shrink - because fibroids are supported by estrogen so in menopause the estrogen support goes away and hence the fibroids shrink and hence the bleeding should eventually stop
Dr Owen : so it is not necessary for you to have the hysterectomy - but if you want the bleeding to stop now and essentially immediately after the surgery - then a hysterectomy would be a wise decision - especially laparoscopically (keyhole)
Dr Owen : I hope that helps
Dr Owen : IF you have more questions, please ask
Dr Owen : I'm here to help
Dr Owen : so if you are still HAVING bleeding and you are definitely Post menopauseal then a hysterectomy done keyhole - really would be your best choice -

yes I have already been told this but I have been through the menopause 11 ago and still the problem with the periodical bleeding happens and causes a of stress and returning to Gyne at Hospital. Is it better to have the Key hole surgey Hysterectomy they want to remove my Ovaries at the same time.

Dr Owen : I'm not sure of your age - but if you are over 55, I usually suggest to women to remove the ovaries at the time of the hysterectomy as the ovaries really are not functioning much anymore and hence if you need to have them out later due to an ovarian cancer - you would essentially spare yourself the trouble of a future ovarian cancer if you remove them now
Dr Owen : so if you are post menopausal, and getting a hysterectomy - removing the ovaries at the same time really is a very easy process to do

I am 67 so it sounds the best choice is to proceed with surgery I am told recovering is good with key hole

Dr Owen : Oh absolutely
Dr Owen : the keyhole surgery is VERY easy to recover from -
Dr Owen : the incisions are VERY small
Dr Owen : And you are up and walking around that same day
Dr Owen : I wish you well
Dr Owen : Please be kind enough to click on Excellent for helping you today
Dr Owen : Thank you

thank you

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