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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
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Open to all experts I am just after a second opinion really

Open to all experts
I am... Show More
Open to all experts
I am just after a second opinion really - I am prone to worrying.
For the past 3 years since coming off the pill I have had very light periods. I am now 34.
Pre pill they lasted 5 days and were heavyish, now 2 days if that and very light with no flow at night as such.
I have already had an expert tell me this is normal, although it does not feel normal for me.
My concerns/queries are that I dont understand how the amound of blood is not linked to thickness of lining as surely the thicker the lining the more blood loss.
Secondly, I have looked on forums and women say things like they have light periods and their lining is only 4mm thick etc and their gyn has told them it needs to be 10mm to conceive.
I just want to be sure I can conceive - we have been trying for 2 months, and that theres nothing that needs doing to help me have heavier periods in the meantime to help
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Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : Well as long as you have a period that is regular and occurring every 24 to 35 days, and the bleeding last for 3 to 8 days then that is considered a normal cycle
Dr Owen : and trying for only TWO months is a very short time, most couples take on average 4 to 6 months to conceive.

My cylcles are always between 28-32 days but only last for 2 days really


and very light

Dr Owen : Okay, then this could be due to a thyroid problem, or a possible elevated prolactin level, or because you have anxiety too can cause this
Dr Owen : so I would get that checked.
Dr Owen : imam not concerned about the thickness of the inside of your uterus.

I have had those bloos tests and all fine. Im not anxious all of the time, just about this every month! Please can you explain how blood loss isnt linked to lining thickness



Dr Owen : Blood tests have nothing to do with thickness, so you can not correlate them

no, I mean blood loss, ive been told that the amount of blood lost and duration of bleeding isnt linked to the thickness of lining, which i find confusing

Dr Owen : if everything is tested as normal, then honestly relax because most couple can take up to 4 to 6 months on average to get pregnant
Dr Owen : it is not linked to the thickness of the lining
Dr Owen : there is no correlation

I will accept your answer and give a good rating in a moment but please can you explain this one thing in laymans terms, how that doesn't correlate? From what I learned in school and have read the lining builds up during the luteal phase and is then shed. So surely if not much is shed then not much built up?

Dr Owen : Because blood tests have nothing to do with thickness of the lining.
Dr Owen : The thickness has to do where you are in your cycle

Im not mentioning blood tests

Dr Owen : but only with estrogen and progesterone cyclong

My light periods, mean that surely not much lining has built up as not much is being shed?

Dr Owen : here is what I suggest, you should see a reproductive ob gyn if you are not pregnant in 6 months, as then you can get all the appropriate tests which are very expensive such as biopsies
Dr Owen : but honestly try to relax, that is going to help you more than anything else

Im sorry, Im not sure you understand what I am asking, maybe I havent explained clearly enough, I will rate you positively as you have helped but i will post my question out to other experts too. Thank you for your time