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Dr Owen
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I am a 60 year old post menopausal woman. Started menstruation

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I am a 60 year old post menopausal woman. Started menstruation at 9 years of age. Very content happy temperament pre ovulation but descended into nearly catatonic depressions every month pre menstrually unable to function. Getting very tired now as these monthly depressions have continued despite periods having stopped at 51. All doctors have given me are anti depressants. I had right ovary and tube removed at age 26 as I had pre cancerous tuma. Left ovary restructured as benign tumour on left. Went on to have 3 miscarriages before having 2 miracle sons. Have suffered tremendous depressions throughout my life. Is there any action or help by experts in this field available please I feel at times my life has been such a struggle. Thankyou.Pamela.
Do you still have your uterus?

Also, what medications have you tried?

What medications are you currently on?

Thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Dr Owen thankyou for such a prompt response. I do still have my uterus. My doctors have tried various anti depressant medication over the years including Seroxat and Fluoxetine but I do have a great sensitivity to drugs including hormone replacement therapy of which three

different types have been tried.

Currently I am on trycyclic antidepressants Lofepramine 3 x 70mg per day which is just taking the edge off the depression. I am also on Atorvastatin

10mg and Cardioplen 2.5 mg for Blood pressure.


Well Fluoxetine and Seroxat are actually very Similar medications - and they moth just increase the serotonin levels.
Also the TCA's - tricyclic medications are okay - but not great for the depression you are describing.

And, given you are sensitive to hormone replacement - I would not put you on it them - and given you are 9 years since menopause starting - another reason not to start you on them too at this point.

Now, I do have some suggestions that ACOG (American College of Ob/Gyn) suggests for us Ob/Gyn's to use for women like you....
1. Using a medication that not only increases the serotonin, but also increases the Norepineprhine - such as Pristiq (one of the better medications), or Lexapro or Celexa -
2. Plus another medication group that might help is called Welbutrin (also known as Buproprion).
3. Next, there are some Herbs you can try - such as Chasteberry, Vitex, Dong Quai, or Black Cohosh.
4. And then also some women find help using St John's Wort too.
5. And, if you are having hot flashes, sweating - you might find that using a medication called Catapress (also known as clonidine) very helpful.

I wish you well
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