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Dr Owen
Dr Owen, Board Certified OB/GYN
Category: OB GYN
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Hello, I am a little worried as I last had back in March

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I am a little worried as I last had sex back in March during my most fertile days, we used a condom that appeared to be fine. I had a normal period in April last five days when expected, I then had a late period in May (late by four days), I am now awaiting this month's period, and it is now six days late. I have taken a couple of pregnancy tests for reassurance and they have come back negative. I have been under continual stress this year, however it hasn't seemed to effect me.

Dr Owen : Hello
Dr Owen : When you took the pregnancy tests - how many days prior did you last have sex?

I took a pregnancy test today, and the last time I had sex was on the 28th of March, I had a period at normal time in April and four days late in May.

Dr Owen : YOu are absolutely NOT pregnant - I can guarantee that
Dr Owen : It is totally impossible for you to be pregnant at this point
Dr Owen : You are probably late because you are stressed and that is absolutely NORMAL - nothing wrong
Dr Owen : and it is OKAY to mmiss a period too

Ok thank you. If this lateness continues next month, should I go to my doctor?

Dr Owen : There is no reason to go to a doctor UNTIL you have missed a period for at least 6 months
Dr Owen : because missing a period does NOT indicate anything is serious
Dr Owen : so you really can relax -
Dr Owen : I wish you well
Dr Owen : Please click on EXCELLENT
Dr Owen : thank you

ok thank you.

Dr Owen : you are welcome
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